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如需了解我们合作进展的情况,请登录动物福利国际合作委员会官方网站:www.iccaw.org.cn 或登录动物福利国际合作委员会羊绒可持续发展项目网站:www.3ecashmere.com,也可直接登录SFA的网页 www.sustainablefibre.org 或其Twitter @sustaincashmere。

SFA is proud to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Cooperation Committee on Animal Welfare (ICCAW) to cooperate in jointly developing and implementing a joint Code of Practice for accreditation of animal welfare and environmental sustainability of cashmere production in China. The Code of Practice will provide specific guidance for herding families and companies on how to implement ICCAW’s Cashmere Goat Farm Animal Welfare Requirements, and will be implementable within SFA’s Sustainable Cashmere Standard.

SFA is a leading international NGO promoting cashmere sustainability with more than 40 members from international manufacturers, brands and retailers that has been implementing the Sustainable Cashmere Standard in Mongolia since 2015. ICCAW is China’s leading NPO in the promotion of animal welfare standards since 2013 and has more than 200 core members. This partnership brings together the strengths of both organisations to providing the increasingly sustainability-conscious industry with a robust approach for assuring animal welfare and environmental sustainability on their supplier farms. Our partnership will enable both Chinese and international companies to provide practical support to their suppliers at the grassroots, obtain credible evidence that on-farm management practices meet internationally agreed standards, and link supply and demand for sustainable cashmere.

To follow the progress with this initiative, visit SFA at www.sustainablefibre.org or follow us on Twitter @sustaincashmere and visit www.iccaw.org.cn or visit ICCAW special website for cashmere: www.3ecashmere.com。

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