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With the rise of cashmere industry, the public pay more attention to the welfare of cashmere goats. International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare is committed to promoting animal welfare in China. In 2015, ICCAW took the lead in developing “Farm Animal Welfare Requirements Mutton Sheep”. In 2019, ICCAW took the lead in developing “Farm Animal Welfare Requirements Cashmere Goat”, aiming to improve goat welfare and promoting the sustainable development of cashmere industry.

Standard Guidelines

A good cashmere standard should be jointly drafted by the relevant experts, and continuously reviewed and revised based on the latest industry development and scientific outcomes.

Auditing Indicator

“Farm Animal Welfare Requirements Cashmere Goat” is based on the principle of "Five Freedoms". Animals should be free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, disease, fear and distress. The standard regulates welfare-friendly cashmere farming in terms of cashmere farming, handling of farmers, social and environmental impact, etc. If any basic requirement is not met, then it wouldn’t be certified as welfare-friendly goat farming.  

Cashmere Goat

The welfare of cashmere goats is a key part of good cashmere, as well as the deciding factor of whether the farming meets the standard.


The welfare of cashmere goats is closely linked to the handling of herders, including herders’ expertise, environment control, etc.


In developing welfare-friendly cashmere industry, it’s necessary to consider the sustainable development of the environment and protect the soil and biodiversity. A good cashmere standard should support sustainable cashmere development in an environment-friendly way.

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